Prayer Meeting – Saints in Jeans

Saint in Jeans

The Holy Spirit is inviting each of you to become saints today. You do not have to be extraordinary to become saints. God will do extraordinary things, great things that is beyond yourself (if you let Him). So, do you trust God enough?

Even the Father (through the Spirit) led Jesus to the desert, tested Jesus, His own Son, with temptations. He, too, test us at some points of our life, not because He does not love us, but to find out whether we are trustworthy.
In life we have a choice whether we want to be a good Catholic or not. As good Catholics we must realise when we breathe we are breathing the breath of the Holy Spirit.
God has given us 9 fruits, 7 gifts, and 1 common sense. How are we not good disciples of Jesus? How often do we disobey His will in our life? How often do we choose to do God’s will without questioning or without being asked?
How do we become saints if we are not good Catholics?

We have given many gifts by God and the Spirit of God rest upon us, so we have so much power within us. Why are we not using our power?
John 14:26 – “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”
Have we involved Holy Spirit, our Advocate, to guide us in our everyday life?

Criteria of saints:

  1. A Catholic
  2. Good way of life
  3. Do things that is beyond a human being

The invitation to become saints is for everyone, but it requires commitment to say yes to this calling. Answering it involves a lot of prayers and careful discernment. As saints, passion is important so that we are willing to make consistent effort in what we do. And when our ministry involves God and blessed by God, no other force is more powerful that the power that comes from the divine. Take St. Paul as an example, he was a murderer but God had destined him to be one of the greatest evangeliser. No dark past or sins can limit your calling to become a saint.
Remember, we are the ambassadors of God’s Kingdom, and we are called to be blessings wherever we are. What can we do differently in the circle of family, friends, work, and community?

(Fr Roy Pereira, summarised by Fanny Sutantio)